Warsaw Agrees to Pay for Stationing US in Poland

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Warsaw has agreed to share the cost of sta­tion­ing US troops on its soil.

The amount and per­cent­age is now known but it is expect­ed to be over 50%, in line with what has been demand­ed by the Trump admin­is­tra­tion.

The Polish accep­tance comes at a time when South Korea and Germany have refused to accept US demands to share the cost of sta­tion­ing US troops. But Poland, which already meets the NATO-man­dat­ed goal of spend­ing 2 per­cent of GDP on nation­al defense by 2024, has agreed to take more US forces, air­craft and drones while foot­ing what is likely to be a hefty bill to build infra­struc­ture for those forces as they flow in and out of the coun­try on a rota­tion­al basis.

Lt. Col. Thomas Campbell, a Pentagon spokesper­son said that Warsaw “has agreed to fund infra­struc­ture and logis­ti­cal sup­port to U.S. forces in Poland, includ­ing the cur­rent 4,500 rota­tion­al forces and the planned increase of 1,000 addi­tion­al rota­tion­al forces.”

Poland has agreed to fully fund infra­struc­ture for: 

A com­mand post of the Army’s V Corps head­quar­ters

A US divi­sion head­quar­ters in Poland

A joint-use Combat Training Center in Drawsko Pomorskie, among other train­ing loca­tions

Facilities for an Air Force MQ‑9 drone squadron

An aerial port of debarka­tion to sup­port the move­ment of forces in and out of the coun­try

Facilities to sup­port spe­cial oper­a­tions forces so they can con­duct air, ground and mar­itime oper­a­tions

Infrastructure for an armored brigade combat team, a combat avi­a­tion brigade, and a combat sus­tain­ment sup­port bat­tal­ion.

Mark Esper, United States Secretary of Defense said the new deal “will enhance deter­rence against Russia, strength­en NATO, and reas­sure our Allies and our for­ward pres­ence in Poland on NATO’s east­ern flank will improve our strate­gic and oper­a­tional flex­i­bil­i­ty.”

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