U.S. Government Submits F‑35 Proposal to Canada

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The U.S gov­ern­ment sub­mit­ted the Request for Proposal (RFP) response for the Lockheed Martin built F‑35 to Canada in sup­port of their Future Fighter Capability Project, on July 30.

Canada has been a valued part­ner since the incep­tion of the Joint Strike Fighter com­pe­ti­tion. Canadian indus­try plays an inte­gral role in the global F‑35 supply chain and has gained sig­nif­i­cant tech­ni­cal exper­tise over the past 15-plus year involve­ment in the F‑35 pro­duc­tion.

“We are extreme­ly proud of our long­stand­ing part­ner­ship with Canada, which has played a key role in the F‑35’s devel­op­ment,” said Greg Ulmer, F‑35 Program exec­u­tive vice pres­i­dent. “The 5th Generation F‑35 would trans­form the Royal Canadian Air Force fleet and deliv­er the capa­bil­i­ties nec­es­sary to safe­guard Canadian skies. The F‑35’s unique mix of stealth and sensor tech­nol­o­gy will enable the Royal Canadian Air Force to mod­ern­ize their con­tri­bu­tion to NORAD oper­a­tions, ensure Arctic sov­er­eign­ty and meet increas­ing­ly sophis­ti­cat­ed global threats.”

The pro­gram will con­tin­ue to bring man­u­fac­tur­ing and pro­duc­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties to Canada, with an esti­mat­ed 150,000 jobs sup­port­ed over the life of the pro­gram. The F‑35 pro­gram con­nects Canadian indus­try to a global supply chain sup­port­ing a grow­ing fleet that will deliv­er more than 3,200 air­craft and deliv­ers sus­tain­ment well past 2060.

To date, the F‑35 oper­ates from 24 bases world­wide. More than 1,040 pilots and over 9,340 main­tain­ers are trained. Nine nations oper­ate the F‑35 from their home soil and six ser­vices have employed F‑35s in combat oper­a­tions.

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