Two Babcock Aircrew Receive South Australian Police Commendation

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The Babcock Australasia aircrew were recognised for their emergency response efforts after rescuing a driver who drove their vehicle into the Murray River.

Senior Base Pilot Adam Richter and Senior Base Aircrew Officer Sam Fielder received the Commissioner’s Community Policing Commendation by the South Australian Police (SAPOL) Deputy Commissioner Linda Williams, recognising their recovery and first aid efforts having rescued a driver whose vehicle was driven into the Murray River.

The two aircrew, who were awarded the commendation at a ceremony in Babcock’s hangar at Adelaide Airport, recovered the driver with two SAPOL officers.

Both aircrew provided first aid to the driver before transporting them to the South Australian Ambulance Service Special Operations Team Paramedic.

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SAPOL Officer in Charge Special Tasks and Rescue Group (STAR Group), Craig Wall, commended the actions of the two aircrew.

“The Commissioners Community Policing Commendation is in recognition of outstanding commitment and professionalism in assisting police, as we saw from Adam and Sam in September,” Officer Wall noted.

“We’re pleased to see the teamwork and high level of aviation ability and initiative which exists between SAPOL and Babcock, particularly when the safety of our community and police officers is at stake.”

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Richter explained that both aircrew responded with the lessons they learned throughout their military and emergency response training.

“Sam and I have worked with Babcock Australasia for a combined 23 years and understand the importance of responding quickly and deftly when the safety of others is at risk,” Richter said.

“This incident required the versatility and adaptability of our crew in partnership with SAPOL, working together to manage a quickly evolving situation.”

Richter served in the Australian Army for 20 years as a helicopter pilot, and now working for Babcock supports his community in the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services.

Darren Moncrieff, Babcock Australasia’s managing director aviation and critical services, welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with first responders.

“Babcock has worked together with SAPOL and SAAS since 2005, maintaining and operating the helicopter fleet to support safe flying missions,” Moncrieff said.

“Our people play a critical role every day in supporting our nation’s emergency services in keeping communities safe and responding to high-risk, and sometimes life-threatening, situations.”

“Congratulations to Adam and Sam on this recognition and for continuing to embody our spirit of service.”

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