TopLine® Announces FPGA Repair, Rework Services

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TopLine Corporation announces the avail­abil­i­ty of com­pre­hen­sive Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Repair, Rework, and column attach­ment ser­vices. TopLine spe­cial­izes in repair­ing and restor­ing valu­able Column Grid Array (CGA) FPGA com­po­nents to usable con­di­tion by replac­ing bent or dam­aged solder columns with fresh solder columns made in the USA. FPGA devices with solder columns are pri­mar­i­ly used in space defense appli­ca­tions.

In making the announce­ment, Martin Hart, CEO of TopLine, said, “We help you recov­er your sunk costs by refresh­ing dam­aged her­itage com­po­nents and spares parts with our com­pre­hen­sive turnkey column attach­ment ser­vices. We man­u­fac­ture Pb80/Sn20 copper wrap solder columns as well as tra­di­tion­al Pb90/Sn10 columns. Even FPGA devices which are sol­dered to boards can be refreshed to like-new con­di­tion.”

Column sizes are avail­able to fit every FPGA and ASIC device, Hart adds. “We also remove solder balls from BGA devices and replace them with solder columns. Solder columns are more reli­able than solder balls. Columns absorb stress caused by tem­per­a­ture changes due to dif­fer­ences in the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of large ceram­ic devices.”

Services include Pb80/Sn20 Copper Wrap Solder Column attach­ment; Pb90/Sn10 plain solder columns; NASA Micro-Coil Springs; Turnkey CCGA column attach­ment ser­vices; and pro­tec­tive pack­ag­ing for devices with solder columns. Columns and attach­ment tool kits are pro­duced in the USA.

Source: COTS Journal

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