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The upcoming IDEX / NAVDEX 2021 defense exhibitions in Abu Dhabi provide the first opportunity for military officials, government, and business executives from the Middle East region to get a close and unbiased impression of Israel’s defense sector. We believe in an open dialog that creates new opportunities and cooperation in the region and beyond, for big companies, medium and small businesses on both sides.

Defense-Update is launching a special editorial section that introduces the defense, naval, and HLS communities of both sides, paving the way for understanding and cooperation. Defense-Update is committed to promoting this dialog through our Media Partnerships with IDEX-2021, NAVDEX-2021, and ISDEF 2021, as well as numerous defense and security conferences and events in the region.

Our coverage includes overviews and analysis of defense-related topics relevant to the region, a listing of companies active in the defense and security sector, and the highlight of market opportunities, new products, and relevant business activities.

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