The Light Strike Brigade – a Concept

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Counter insurgency operations in the Middle East and South Asia resulted in light forces becoming heavy forces. With a renewed interest in conventional operations in Europe and the evolving nature of operations elsewhere, a concept that gets back to mobility.

We know that the British Army’s Strike Brigade is built around the concept of disaggregated operations across a large area where forces concentrate at points in time and space to deliver a range of meaningful effects. They are based on a collection of ‘medium weight’ tracked and wheeled vehicles, none of which can exploit the mobility advantages of support helicopters because they are too heavy.

The Light Strike Brigade is therefore based on the core principles of the joint land strike concept but with much lighter vehicles that can exploit the mobility afforded by UK Support Helicopters. It is not about deploying inter-theatre by air, but within a theatre over a large area. Exploiting its mobility, firepower and low logistics demand, it would have applicability in both a conventional and non-conventional conflict.

Beyond the general concept, this article will also make a proposal for a change to UK force structure, especially for 16 Air Assault Brigade (16AAB), the Light Infantry and Light Cavalry.

Equipment and vehicle options will be described in detail.

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The Light Strike Brigade – Concept and Requirements

The Light Strike Brigade – Equipment

The Light Strike Brigade – Vehicles

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