The HAVELSAN Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) Software Was Successfully Used for the First Time in NATO’s Maritime Security Exercise

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The HAVELSAN Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) Software, developed to monitor, organise and manage all ship traffic movements in the straits with HAVELSAN’s capabilities, was successfully used for the first time in NATO’s Maritime Security Exercise.

NATO Maritime Security Centre of Excellence announced that for the first time in the history of the exercise, satellite images obtained by private space-based earth observation companies were transferred to the HAVELSAN VTS and displayed on the system.

Live AIS (Automatic Identification System) traces obtained by a company participating in the exercise were also integrated into the HAVELSAN VTS and displayed.

In the first two days of the NATO Maritime Security Exercise, academic presentations were shown to the participants outside of Turkey via the video conference system, HAVELSAN Diyalog.

The HAVELSAN Diyalog has been developed to meet the need for a local and national sourced video conference system where user information is kept securely.

The VTS Software was developed for the Turkish Straits Vessel Traffic Services. Thanks to the system, it is possible to monitor, organise and manage all ship traffic movements in the straits by keeping the interaction with the ships at the highest level.

HAVELSAN VTS is a HAVELSAN technology product that has been developed for the safe, efficient and timely operation of vessels. HAVELSAN VTS allows uninterrupted operational management from any location through web-based technologies, and has been developed with advanced technologies ensuring user friendly experience. HAVELSAN VTS offers its users an end-to-end solutions. The operational sustainability assured by HAVELSAN provides an effective and unique user experience even where vessel activity is congested.

HAVELSAN VTS is equipped with all the necessary features for the effective management of navigational safety and logistics operation in the global trade network, 90% of which is conducted via sea routes. HAVELSAN VTS produces Turnkey Solutions with its expert engineers, providing complete and sustainable solutions to its customers using advanced technologies.

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