Terrifying Video Shows Mexican Mi-17 Crash Landing

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Terrifying footage has emerged of the crash land­ing of a Mexican Navy Mi-17 heli­copter on Saturday.

Video of a Mi-17 MTV‑1 Mexican Navy that was severe­ly dam­aged during land­ing at Villahermosa-Capitan Carlos Perez Airport, Tabasco sur­faced on Youtube Saturday morn­ing.

The details were given in a 17 October media release by the Mexican Navy Secretariat, to announce that five of the eight people on board were injured.


In a state­ment pre­sent­ed by the Mexican Navy Secretariat said the injured were in stable con­di­tion for non-life threat­en­ing injuries rang­ing from minor abra­sions and lac­er­a­tions to frac­tures.

The inci­dent occurred during the taxi­ing of the heli­copter (taxi­ing along the runway) during land­ing, after the crew returned from a recon­nais­sance flight in the area due to heavy rains.

The Navy heli­copter crashed into a con­trol tower in the airport’s land­ing zone, while rolling down the runway. The acci­dent occurred at 9:38 am.

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