Sukhoi Delivers Last of 100 Su-34 Aircraft Order to Russian MoD

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The Sukhoi company has completed the implementation of a long-term contract for the supply of a batch of Su-34 fighter-bombers to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Su-34 bomber  also called “Duckling” due to its unique fuselage and canopy design, is characterized by side-by-side pilot seating, like in a commercial aircraft.

The Novosibirsk Aviation Plant of Sukhoi manufactured and tested the final machine of the final batch.

“We have manufactured about a hundred vehicles of this type in the interests of the military department under a long-term contract,” said Yuri Slyusar, General Director of PJSC UAC, General Director of Sukhoi Company.

“This year we have completed the fulfillment of obligations to the Ministry of Defense under large long-term contracts for the supply of new modern aviation equipment. At the same time, we started to fulfill new contracts signed within the framework of the Army Forum, which allowed us to load our enterprises and provide work for our employees in several regions of the country,” he was quoted as saying in a Sukhoi release.

The Novosibirsk plant of the Sukhoi Company today is one of the largest aircraft building enterprises in the UAC circuit. The production of Su-34 aircraft and its versions with enhanced combat capabilities provides the plant with a stable load for the future.

The Su-34 aircraft has high flight performance, combat effectiveness and maneuverability. The design and ergonomics of its cockpit makes it possible to make long flights.

The Su-34 aircraft is designed to destroy ground, air and surface targets at any time of the day and in any meteorological conditions. The main features of the Su-34 are increased combat survivability, being equipped with an in-flight refueling system, and an improved weapon control system.

The Su-34 has so far not been exported to any country.

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