Stay Festive and Earth-Friendly With Fruit-Based Glitter

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Stay festive and earth-friendly with fruit-based glitter

December 13, 2021


In the UK, scientists at Cambridge University have developed biodegradable glitter made from fruit pulp that they hope will provide a sparkly alternative to conventional, microplastics-spreading glitter. 

“Conventional pigments, like your everyday glitter, are not produced sustainably,” says Professor Silvia Vignolini of Cambridge’s Department of Chemistry. “They get into the soil, the ocean and contribute to an overall level of pollution. Consumers are starting to realize that while glitters are fun, they also have real environmental harms.” 

The glitter under development at Cambridge gets its shine from nanocrystals of cellulose within the cell walls of plant-based materials. It is safe for kids and can be used in everything from cosmetics to art projects. 

The work was published in a recent issue of Nature. The team hopes to form spin-out to commercialize the discovery. 

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