Saab Reveals New Mobile High-Mast Solution for Giraffe 4A Radar

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Saab and its Finnish partner Conlog Oy have launched a new mobile high-mast solution for the Giraffe 4A radar for fast and efficient deployment to combat threats of low altitude such as cruise missiles and drones.

The new mobile high-mast solution for Giraffe 4A is designed to meet customer needs and handle forest environments with high obstacles as well as urban surroundings with large buildings disrupting the radar’s line of sight, the company announced Tuesday.

The research and development as well as the production will be located in both Sweden and Finland.

Giraffe 4A is a multifunctional medium to long-range AESA radar, fully adaptable for different missions with simultaneous capabilities. It provides an all-weather coverage against air targets from low, slow and small targets (UAVs), to fast moving fighters as well as hyper- and supersonic missiles, RAM targets and detection/tracking of jammer strobes. Giraffe 4A can support and designate a variety of GBAD solutions and missiles systems with its unique surveillance capabilities.

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