Russian Su-27 Fighter Jet Scrambled to Intercept U.S., German Patrol Aircraft Over Baltic Sea

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Russia scram­bled a Su-27 fight­er jet to inter­cept U.S. and German mar­itime patrol air­craft approach­ing the Russian border over the Baltic Sea, TASS reported citing Russia’s National Defense Control Center.

The scram­ble was ini­ti­at­ed when the Russian air­space con­trol sys­tems detect­ed two aerial tar­gets over the Baltic Sea approach­ing Russia’s state border.

According to the report, the Su-27 fight­er jet from the Baltic Fleet’s air defense quick reac­tion alert forces approached the tar­gets at a safe dis­tance, iden­ti­fied them as a U.S. Navy P‑8A Poseidon and a German Air Force P‑3C Orion mar­itime patrol air­craft and escort­ed them over the Baltic Sea.

The Russian fight­er safely returned to its home air­field after the U.S. air­craft turned away from Russia’s state border, the report said. After the US air­craft turned away from Russia’s state border

“The entire flight of the Russian fight­ers pro­ceed­ed in strict com­pli­ance with the inter­na­tion­al rules of using the air­space,” accord­ing to the National Defense Control Center.

The report said that Russian fight­er jets were scram­bled six times during the past week to pre­vent vio­la­tions of the country’s bor­ders. According to the Krasnaya Zvezda news­pa­per, forty-three for­eign recon­nais­sance planes and six recon­nais­sance drones were observed near Russian bor­ders last week.

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