Russia Building Nuclear-Powered Space Tug

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Russia is reviv­ing one of the Soviet-era space con­cepts – nuclear-pow­ered space trans­porta­tion – by build­ing a space tug for a trip to the Moon, Venus and Jupiter.

The space tug is part of the Nuklon space com­plex, a sci­en­tist from Russia’s state space cor­po­ra­tion Roscosmos told TASS news agency.

The space tug is being assem­bled by KB Arsenal under the project name Transport and Energy Module (TEM.)

Alexander Bloshenko says the nuclear-pow­ered space tug’s – pro­pelled by elec­tric engines – first flight will be a full-fledged sci­en­tif­ic mis­sion that will deliv­er a research satel­lite to the Moon and head for Venus.

It will then per­form a grav­i­ty assist maneu­ver to head towards Jupiter.

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