Robotic Beetle vs. the Real Deal, Watch Who Wins This Battle

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Recently, a video surfaced of a robot beetle taking on the real deal. The video of the beetle vs. machine was truly astonishing.

The outcome of the clash was surprising to say the very least. The real beetle toppled the machine and the comment section was filled with people praising nature and its ways. The video shared on Twitter has since gone viral — at the time of writing this, the video has 7.6k retweets and 30.7k likes.


Nature vs. machine

The showdown begins with the mechanical beetle marching towards its opponent clamping its mechanical mouth part. The real beetle is taken aback at first, it was an unprompted battle after all.

At first, it seems to try to alleviate the situation but the mech beetle is relentless. You might give this feat to their relative sizes, the real one is comparably tinier (and shinier) than its mech counterpart. You would think that the mechanical one would be stronger from its size. Although it looks less threatening, the nimble beetle overthrows its contester with ease.

An easy victory

Once they make contact, the real one quickly assesses the situation and initially tries to push back its mechanical compatriot. It nudges and nudges but mech doesn’t respond. Only then the beetle goes in for the attack. The beetle goes horn-first towards the robotic one and grapples it like it doesn’t care. In a matter of merely a few seconds, it lifts the robot and throws it down the line like a pebble stone.

Many, including us, thought the mechanical beetle would prevail but there is a lesson to be taken here: Do not mess with the nature

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