QinetiQ Contracts Ultra to Replace UK Sonobuoy Test Facility System

 In E3, UK

QinetiQ has award­ed a con­tract to Ultra to upgrade the entire Sonobuoy Test Facility (STF) system in the UK.

The STF facil­i­ty is locat­ed at the British Underwater Test & Evaluation Centre (MOD BUTEC).

Under the con­tract, the two com­pa­nies will part­ner to pro­vide new capa­bil­i­ties for the STF.



Work will include the replace­ment of soft­ware defined sonobuoy receivers (SDSRs) and the com­mand func­tion trans­mit­ters.

Ultra will also replace the Ground Monitoring Station suite of analy­sis soft­ware that offers con­trol, mon­i­tor­ing, record­ing and analy­sis capa­bil­i­ties for the sonobuoy.

New capa­bil­i­ties for the centre will include user friend­ly graph­ics and the seabed hard­ware reuse to change sur­face test equip­ment. These are expect­ed to pro­vide the cus­tomer with real sav­ings.

As the equip­ment does not need to be deployed man­u­al­ly from small boats, the system requires less time to deploy and is safe to use.

QinetiQ will be respon­si­ble for pro­vid­ing the COTS com­put­er equip­ment and involves activ­i­ties such as net­work­ing, data stor­age, and instal­la­tion.

Ultra Command and Sonar Systems MD Mike Williams said: “We are pleased to con­tin­ue our rela­tion­ship with QinetiQ in the UK, pro­vid­ing com­plex solu­tions for test and eval­u­a­tion of under­wa­ter war­fare sys­tems and equip­ment.”

In February this year, Ultra was selected to continue extending support for the British Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer Gun System, Automation (GSA9) con­tract.

Last year, a joint ven­ture (JV) between Ultra Electronics (ULE) and Sparton DeLeon Springs secured an indef­i­nite deliv­ery / indef­i­nite quan­ti­ty (IDIQ) con­tract to supply sonobuoys to the US Navy.

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