Pandemic Pivot: Company Converting Dairy Waste Into Alcohol Switches to Hand Sanitizer Production

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In New York, New Age Renewable Energy has been converting dairy waste into hand sanitizers to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The com­pa­ny is taking whey acid byprod­uct from milk pro­duc­tion to pro­duce gallon con­tain­ers, 55-galon drums, and 275-gallon tanks of hand san­i­tiz­er, depend­ing on orga­ni­za­tion­al needs.

The process was devel­oped over the last few years by com­pa­ny founder Joe Van Groll. The orig­i­nal plan was to use the waste to pro­duce ethyl alco­hol for use in liquor, paint thin­ners, and print­er ink, but the pan­dem­ic changed the company’s market strat­e­gy. For every gallon of ethanol pro­duced, one pound of yeast pro­tein that can be sold as animal feed is also pro­duced. “That’s the beauty of our process,” New Age Director Eduard Zaydman says. “We don’t really have waste.”

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