Missile Defense Agency to Host Ground-Based Midcourse Defense Futures Virtual Industry Day and One-on-One Sessions on 17 December 2020

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  • Contract Opportunity Type: Special Notice (Updated)
  • All Dates/Times are: (UTC-06:00) CENTRAL STANDARD TIME, CHICAGO, USA
  • Updated Published Date: Dec 10, 2020 04:33 pm CST
  • Original Published Date: Dec 02, 2020 11:34 am CST
  • Updated Response Date: Dec 14, 2020 12:00 pm CST
  • Original Response Date: Dec 08, 2020 04:00 pm CST


  • Original Set Aside:
  • NAICS Code: 5417 – Scientific Research and Development Services


  • VAR POC is changed to Roseann Town, roseann.town@mda.mil
  • The One-on-One date is changed to 5 and 6 January 2020. VARs must amended for those companies that have requested One-on-Ones. 
  • Separate business units with different CAGE codes within the same company may submit separate Access Request Agreement Forms.  This is still limited to 2 people per company/CAGE code for both Industry Day and One-on-Ones.  All attendees must have VARs. 
  • The deadline for Access Request Forms and RSVP is 12:00 PM CST, 14 December 2020

Questions and Answers:

1. (Q)  Will teams be able to share briefing material interactively during one on ones or should we send read aheads with Proprietary markings?    

(A)  Companies may share interactively during the One-on-Ones, but due to potential technical difficulties read aheads are strongly recommended.

2. (Q)  Can you confirm that the one on ones are private sessions?

(A)  The One-on-Ones are going to be held with one company at a time. 

3. (Q)  Will questions during the One-on-Ones be provided to all attendees?

(A)  Non-proprietary questions and answers will be shared with all Industry Day participants.

Update (04Dec20): 

Companies are limited to 2 personnel with access to Skype for Business for Industry Day. Company attendees may be in different locations.

Companies may have different attendees for the Industry Day Event and One-on-Ones. 

Both the industry event and one-on-ones are limited to 2 people, and all attendees must have approved VARs.

Industry Day and one-on-one sessions are both virtual and both are unclassified.

Approved for Public Release 20-MDA-10634 (24Nov20)

Title of Event: MDA Ground-based Midcourse Defense Futures Virtual Industry Day and One-on-One Sessions

Target Audience—U. S. Industry Partners. Foreign sources/companies are excluded and cannot attend the Industry Day Event nor participate in the One-On-Ones, unless they operate under a special security agreement that mitigates Foreign Control and Influence (FOCI) and provide proof of said agreement.

When: Industry Day event December 17, 2020, 0800-1700 CST; One-on-One Sessions December 18, 2020. Session times to be scheduled in advance.

Where: The Industry Day Event and One-on-One sessions will be held virtually using the Skype for Business Web Application.

Synopsis: The purpose of the Industry Day Event is to present information on GM Futures to industry partners. MDA’s goal is to help industry partners understand Government needs, requirements, considerations, and share information that may be of interest to industry partners.

The GMD Program Element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System is composed of two main components:  Interceptors and the Ground-based Weapon System, along with required communications, support equipment, training equipment, and facilities.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the Industry Day event will be limited to the slide deck that is distributed to cleared contractors (see Access to Industry Day Slides Instructions).

The resultant knowledge gained will enable MDA to achieve the best value acquisition of systems, commodities, components, technologies, capabilities, and services to fulfill its complex mission.  This announcement is solely for informational planning purposes and does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP), nor should it be construed as a commitment by MDA to solicit requirements.  MDA is in no way bound to issue a RFP.  Participation in the event and/or session is strictly voluntary with no costs incurred or obligations made on behalf of MDA. Recording of the Industry Day Event is strictly prohibited.

Industry partners may submit questions arising from the Virtual Industry Day and One-on-One Sessions using the provided Question Form. Question Forms must be submitted no later than 1700 CST December 23, 2020.   MDA will make every attempt to answer all properly submitted questions.  Non-proprietary questions and answers will be sent to all cleared contractors.

Agenda: Below is a tentative schedule of the Industry Day Agenda topics.  The agenda topics are subject to change.

GMD Industry Day Tentative Agenda

  • 0800-0830       Industry Registration/Check-In
  • 0830-0840       GMD Futures Industry Day Administrative Remarks
  • 0840-0855       MDA Mission, Priorities, System and GM Overview
  • 0855-0910       GMD Futures Overview
  • 0910-0945       Contracts and OCI Requirements
  • 0945-0955       Break
  • 0955-1055       GMD Systems Engineering and Integration (60 minutes?)
  • 1055-1155       Lunch
  • 1155-1325       GMD Futures System Test
  • 1325-1335       Break
  • 1335-1435       GMD Futures Ground-based Weapon System
  • 1435-1535       System Operations, Sustainment, and Training
  • 1535-1555       Collect Industry Question Forms/ Event Wrap Up

Access to Industry Day Virtual Meeting Slides Instructions:

Steps required to gain access:

1. Each company will provide a maximum of two (2) personnel for access to the GMD Futures Industry Day slides.

2. Complete, print and sign/e-sign the GMD Futures Industry Day Access Agreement Form.

3. Email the signed agreement to the GMD-Future@mda.mil address.

4. A confirmation receipt will be sent, which indicates that the application is under review.

5. Within 3 business days, MDA will send an encrypted e-mail approving the application or, if required, disapproving the application due to a lack of a capability to safeguard the information.

6. If approved, MDA will provide the slides via encrypted email or DoD SAFE Site. 

Registration Details:

  • Industry participants must register/RSVP no later than December 8, 2020.
    • To register, industry participants must respond via e-mail to:
    • The subject line shall state “RSVP GMD Industry Day Event and One-on-One Session Request.”
    • The RSVP shall contain each company’s primary and alternate Point of Contact for future communication.
    • Industry Participants must have a Visit Access Request (VAR) on-file with MDA in order to participate in this event. Instructions for obtaining a VAR are in the VAR Processing Instructions section of this announcement.
    • A “Dry-Run” to test each participant’s ability to connect via Skype for Business will be conducted on 16 December from 1300-1600CT.
  • GM Procuring Contracting Officers (PCOs) Cindy Spruill and Brandon Wilkinson will respond to requests for One-on-Ones to schedule sessions.
    • These One-on-One sessions will be held via Skype for Business Web Application (CUI).

Visit Access Request (VAR) Processing Instructions for One-on-One or Classified Sessions:

As part of the pre-registration process, MDA requires all industry participants have a (VAR) on-file with MDA to participate in the event and One-on-One sessions.  Any person attending the virtual Industry Day Event and One-On-One Sessions must have either a US SECRET or INTERIM SECRET level or higher security clearance.

VAR information should be sent via JPAS at SMO Code DDAAUH or FAX at (256) 450-3222.  To verify the status of your VAR, contact MDA Security at 256-450-3214 (or X3215).

VAR information sent via JPAS: 


a. Individual’s Name

b. Company Name and Phone Number

c. Dates of Visit:  Dates

d. Point-of-Contact for the Visit:  Jeffrey Lea, Jeffrey.Lea@mda.mil

e. Additional Information:  To attend GMD Future Industry Event and One-On-One Sessions

If submitting by fax the following information is required:

FAX to (256) 450-3222

a. Name, address, and phone number of the organization transmitting the VAR:

b. Name of the organization to which the individual(s) on the VAR is visiting:  MDA/GM

 c. First Name, Last Name, SSN, Date-of Birth, Place-of-Birth, and Citizenship of each individual listed on the VAR (name as shown on CAC or military ID: 

d. Clearance Level (collateral clearance) of each individual listed on the VAR: 

e. Organization granting the clearance and the most recent background/suitability investigation for the clearance was satisfactorily completed: 

f. Dates of visit:  Dates

g. Contract #:  Not Applicable

h. Point-of-Contact for the visit: Jeffrey Lea, Jeffrey.Lea@mda.mil

i. Unclassified statement as to the purpose of the visit:  To attend GMD Future Industry Day event and One-on-One Session.

j. Name and signature of security officer or individual certifying clearances of individuals cited in the VAR (visitor’s organization):

POC: The Market Research Acquisition POC for this effort is Mr. Arnold Seay MDA/GMD.  GMD-Future@mda.mil

POC: The Industry Day one-on-one session POCs are PCOs Cindy Spruill and Brandon Wilkinson GMD-Future@mda.mil


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Contact Information

Contracting Office Address

  • HUNTSVILLE , AL 35898
  • USA

Primary Point of Contact

Secondary Point of Contact

The solicitation is here – https://beta.sam.gov/opp/4109af455c1b46fdbb7f9878ce025c41/view

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