MARTAC, MSUBS Join Forces in Unmanned Naval Technologies

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MARTAC/MSUBS press release

The MARTAC-MSUBS alliance brings together deep skills in high performance USV and UUV technologies to support customers’ successful unmanned missions. MARTAC and MSUBS will be exploring how they can leverage their respective unmanned systems to enhance autonomous mariHme capabiliHes for the global military and commercial markets.

MARTAC will also be work- ing with Marine AI, a subsidiary of MSUBS, to integrate their Guardian AI artificial intelligence capabilities into MANTAS’ TASKER Command & Control (C2) system to provide advanced multirole COPS’ capabilities across multiple domains.

MSUBS will also support MARTAC on global sales of the MANTAS System with focus on the United Kingdom and European Union.

The MARTAC-MSUBS alliance is poised to address emerging market needs. MSUBS’ under- standing of Unmanned and Manned Underwater systems and AI architecture is complimentary to MARTAC’s innovative best-in-class high performance MANTAS systems,” said Bruce Hanson, MARTAC’s Chief Executive Officer.

“With a broad combined Unmanned product line and complimentary technologies, this alliance will allow us to drive far greater adoption for our customers.”

Bruce Hanson, MARTAC CEO

Entering into an alliance with MARTAC allows us to deliver comprehensive unmanned maritime solutions for our clients. This covers the full maritime spectrum of surface and subsurface mission profiles,” said Brett Phaneuf, MSUBS, Managing Director.

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