Local Businesses Secure Grants to Expand Global Defence Footprint

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Five small manufacturing businesses from across the country have received funding from the Commonwealth government to enhance their presence in the global marketplace.

Grants totalling $1.1 million have been issued to five Australian small businesses as part of the Defence Global Competitiveness initiative.

The grants have been awarded to Queensland-based Buzzworks ($239,600), South Australia-based Electro Cad Australia ($240,000), Western Australia-based Orbital Corporation ($240,000), NSW-based Advanced Navigation ($240,000), and Victoria-based Visit Industrial ($197,993).

The companies are expected to leverage the funding for the following purposes:

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  • Buzzworks — to purchase equipment for the rapid design and prototyping of human augmentation systems for combat soldiers and for soldier rehabilitation.
  • Electro Cad Australia — to purchase manufacturing equipment used to support the development of complex defence components to bolster sales in the global supply chain.
  • Orbital Corporation — to purchase equipment for the manufacture and assembly of high precision components for the export market.
  • Advanced Navigation — to purchase equipment for the manufacture of fibre optic coil components, for autonomous and unmanned surface and aerial vehicle and vessel export opportunities.
  • Visit Industrial — to purchase specialised machinery for the manufacture of components for export use.

“The Defence Global Competitiveness Grant Program is continuing to grow and enable our defence industry to build greater export success,” Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price commented.

“These five small businesses are targeting export opportunities as direct exporters or through the global supply chains, demonstrating the dynamic nature of our defence industry.”

The award of this latest tranche of competitiveness grants follows the launch of the Australian Defence Export Office App, which includes a pocket version of the Australian Defence Sales Catalogue.

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The App, available for both Apple and Android phones, provides details of all of the 214 companies featured in the latest Catalogue.

“This will make it even easier for Australian businesses to access export assistance provided by the Government, as well as to promote their products, services and technologies,” Minister Price added.

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