Leidos Joins MuDRaCE

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The USMC currently uses equipment such as the AN/TPS-59 long-range radar system. (Photo: USMC/Lance Cpl John Hall)

USMC seeks multi-domain radar with improved interoperability and ease of integration with emerging technologies.

Following a competitive process, the USN has selected Leidos to help develop new interoperable radar systems under the Multi-Domain Radar for a Contested Environment (MuDRaCE) programme.

The company was awarded a contract worth up to $49.42 million by the Office of Naval Research on 3 September under a Long Range Broad Agency Announcement for Navy and Marine Corps Science and Technology.

At the time, the DoD noted that the USMC currently uses centralised and high-power RF radar to detect and target adversaries. ‘These systems have limited mobility, are susceptible to detection and attack which represents a significant failure point,’ it added.

MuDRaCE aims to provide greater interoperability, ease of integration with emerging technologies and improved sensor fusion-based situational awareness while maintaining legacy capabilities, resulting in a robust survivable sensing network.

Leidos will fulfil a baseline three-year contract by 6 September 2024, although there are also seven 12-month option periods for MuDRaCE.

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