Leaked Photos Show New U.S. Army Super Cannon in Stunning Detail

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New leaked photos are giving mil­i­tary experts and ana­lysts a first detailed look at the advanced U.S. Army 155mm self-pro­pelled how­itzer that equipped with huge XM907 58 cal­iber cannon.

A Twitter user 笑脸男人 has posted some new photos of Army’s next-gen­er­a­tion self-pro­pelled how­itzer pro­to­type, cur­rent­ly known as XM1299

The new 155mm self-pro­pelled how­itzer is devel­oped under Extended Range Cannon Artillery, or ERCA, project and is funded by Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center’s sci­ence and tech­nol­o­gy office.

The U.S. Army’s extend­ed-range artillery system designed to increase the range and rate of fire on cur­rent and future M109A7 self-pro­pelled how­itzers. Compared to its pre­de­ces­sors, a new artillery system will receive two lead­ing-edge tech­nol­o­gy – new XM1113 rocket-boost­ed shell and a longer how­itzer 58 cal­iber cannon increas­es range from 38km to 70km+.

The new artillery system will be des­ig­nat­ed as M1299.

The Army hopes that with enhanced ammu­ni­tion those super can­nons could reach tar­gets at 100 km. For these system devel­ops not only the XM907 cannon but also prod­ucts, such as the XM1113 rocket assist­ed pro­jec­tile, the XM654 super­charge, an autoloader, and new fire con­trol system.

Building on mobil­i­ty upgrades, M1299 will increase the lethal­i­ty of self-pro­pelled how­itzers. New SPH pro­vides a “10x” capa­bil­i­ty through a com­bi­na­tion of an increased range, increased rate of fire, increased lethal­i­ty, increased reli­a­bil­i­ty and greater sur­viv­abil­i­ty.

M1299 will pro­vide inte­grat­ed cannon artillery tech­nol­o­gy solu­tions to max­i­mize per­for­mance at a system level and regain lethal­i­ty over­match for U.S. Army 155mm indi­rect fire sys­tems for oper­a­tions in emerg­ing bat­tle­spaces and near/peer envi­ron­ments.

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Source: Defence Blog

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