Laserdyne Secures Another Thales Laser Rangefinder Contract

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Laserdyne has been awarded a new multimillion-dollar contract to supply its laser rangefinder to Thales Netherlands, marking another success for the Gold Coast SME.

The Laserdyne rangefinder is integrated into two of Thales Netherlands’ key products: the Mirador Mk2 lightweight, compact electro-optical multi sensor system used for surveillance, tracking and fire control operations, as well as the STIR 1.2 EO Mk2, a medium-to-long range illumination and tracking system.

Laserdyne has been supplying products to Thales Netherlands since 2012, and in total, has now provided over 100 units of their advanced digital laser.

Both Thales systems are designed for use on a wide range of platforms, from small patrol craft to large carriers. The Mirador and STIR 1.2 EO Mk2 act as observation systems and fire control directors for optical investigation, as well as anti-surface and anti-air warfare. The Mirador system has been sold to 10 navies, generating substantial demand for Laserdyne’s laser rangefinders.

Tim White, CEO of Laserdyne, says that the company is “proud of the long-term and continuing supply of sophisticated EO products to a such a prestigious client as Thales. Our quest to grow the business we conduct across the Thales group has been enhanced by the activities and insights afforded by the Thales GSC team, with new opportunities continuing to arise in Europe and globally.”

Laserdyne’s eyesafe rangefinder was also a key part of a recent upgrade program for the Mirador system, which Thales says has significantly enhanced the digital sensor suite.

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