JFD Delivers Full Scale Mock-Up of Submarine Rescue Vehicle (SRV) for Republic of Korea Navy

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JFD, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has deliv­ered a full-scale mock-up of its Search and Rescue Vehicle (SRV) for the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN).

The mock-up is part of a multi-million-pound contract for the design and build of an advanced SRV, award­ed to JFD by South Korean ship­builder Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME). It aims to ensure the high­est stan­dards in safety for sub­mariners, con­firm­ing the capa­bil­i­ty of com­po­nents ahead of the contract’s com­ple­tion.

DSME is cur­rent­ly con­struct­ing a new aux­il­iary sub­ma­rine rescue ship for the Republic of Korea Navy. JFD’s bespoke SRV, which is being designed and built accord­ing to a ROKN brief, forms a key part of this vessel and aims to enhance the oper­a­tional capa­bil­i­ties of the Navy’s sub­ma­rine rescue ser­vice. The SRV is set for com­ple­tion soon. Once in oper­a­tion, the vehi­cle will be capa­ble of res­cu­ing the crew of dis­tressed sub­marines at depths of up to hun­dreds of metres, and will be launched and recov­ered from the sub­ma­rine rescue vessel via a moon­pool.

The brief from ROKN has tech­ni­cal chal­lenges that require inno­v­a­tive solu­tions. The JFD team are pro­vid­ing a full scale repli­ca SRV mock-up to enable DSME to con­duct fac­to­ry accep­tance tests (FATS) and har­bour accep­tance trials (HATS), of the inno­v­a­tive Launch and Recovery system onboard a new aux­il­iary sub­ma­rine rescue ship, as well as famil­iari­sa­tion train­ing for the LARS oper­a­tors. This will ensure the com­pat­i­bil­i­ty of inter­faces between the SRV and LARS ahead of inte­gra­tion onboard the vessel to ensure an effi­cient process.

Ensuring equip­ment com­pat­i­bil­i­ty when dif­fer­ent ele­ments are being deliv­ered by a vari­ety of providers is essen­tial and high­lights JFD’s cus­tomer-focussed approach, exper­tise and ded­i­ca­tion to safety. JFD is a key member of an inte­grat­ed team work­ing along­side DSME and ROKN to deliv­er a ship, LARS and SRV that work togeth­er in har­mo­ny. The company’s pre­vi­ous expe­ri­ence of deliv­er­ing numer­ous manned LARS and moon­pool bell LARS brings added exper­tise to the project, help­ing to ensure the high­est stan­dards in safety for sub­mariners.

Danny Gray, Managing Director, JFD, said:

“JFD first deliv­ered the cur­rent Submarine Rescue Vehicle to the Republic of Korea Navy in 2008. Twelve years later, we are pleased to be pro­vid­ing addi­tion­al capa­bil­i­ties which demon­strates our lead­ing posi­tion in the sub­ma­rine rescue market, as well as the strong rela­tion­ships that we have built with our cus­tomers. The com­ple­tion of the full scale mock-up is an impor­tant step in the deliv­ery of this con­tract. It shows our expe­ri­ence, pro­gres­sive approach to safety and our com­mit­ment to pro­vid­ing bespoke solu­tions for our cus­tomers – espe­cial­ly chal­leng­ing amid the cur­rent unprece­dent­ed global impact of COVID-19, travel restric­tions and social dis­tanc­ing.

“Following the deliv­ery of the SRV next year, we will con­tin­ue to work with the Republic of Korea Navy and its part­ners in pro­vid­ing a com­pre­hen­sive train­ing and sup­port pro­gramme that will ensure that the sub­ma­rine rescue oper­a­tions are car­ried out safely and effi­cient­ly. Protecting the lives of sub­mariners is of utmost impor­tance to JFD, and ensur­ing our cus­tomers have the most advanced and com­pre­hen­sive sub­ma­rine rescue capa­bil­i­ty is fun­da­men­tal to this. We are pleased we can pro­vide inno­v­a­tive solu­tions to meet our customer’s require­ments and look for­ward to the SRV becom­ing oper­a­tional next year.”

JFD pro­vides fast, safe and reli­able subsea rescue ser­vices, solu­tions prod­ucts, engi­neer­ing ser­vices and train­ing to 80 coun­tries and 33 of the world’s navies includ­ing the Royal Navy, Australian, Singapore, Indian and Republic of Korea Navies, as well as pro­vid­ing the NATO Submarine Rescue System.

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