Israeli Spyders to Replace the Czech Air Force SA‑6 Missiles

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A KUB (SA-6) missile system at the Temelin nuclear power plant. Photo: Michal Voska

The Czech gov­ern­ment approved the launch of pro­cure­ment nego­ti­a­tions for four Israeli “SPYDER” bat­ter­ies, within the frame­work of a G2G agree­ment between the two coun­tries. Israel was select­ed as the sole sup­pli­er for the project and the expect­ed agree­ment between the coun­tries’ defense min­istries is esti­mat­ed at over $400 mil­lion.

Israel has offered the Spyder system in a direct Government to Government (G2G) sale. Negotiations are expect­ed to com­mence soon and con­clude at the begin­ning of 2021. The esti­mat­ed value of the con­tract is $428 mil­lion. Delivery of the sys­tems is expect­ed to begin in 2023 and span over two years. The SPYDER system includes a radar system pro­duced by Elta, a sub­sidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Eight radars were acquired in 2019. The MADR sys­tems will be deliv­ered in 2021, tested, licensed, and induct­ed in ser­vice by 2023. The sys­tems will be adapt­ed to oper­ate in accor­dance with the Czech and NATO com­mand and con­trol sys­tems.

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An impor­tant part of the nego­ti­a­tions will be the share of the Czech indus­try involve­ment. Prague wants to secure at least 30% of the pro­gram to Czech com­pa­nies, The truck-mount­ed system will employ local­ly pro­duced Tatra 815 – 7 8×8 chas­sis with bal­lis­tic pro­tect­ed cabins. Other ele­ments likely to be local­ly sourced are the inte­gra­tion of com­mu­ni­ca­tions, datalinks and C3, train­ing, and logis­ti­cal sup­port for at least 20 years.

The air-trans­portable SPYDER system com­pris­es a Command and Control Unit
(CCU) with asso­ci­at­ed radar, 3 – 6 truck-mount­ed mis­sile firing units (MFU), and sup­port vehi­cles. The system’s open archi­tec­ture design enables adding up exter­nal com­po­nents, such as radars, datalinks, com­mand and con­trol. These mis­siles are dual-use mis­siles (can be employed for air-to-air or sur­face-to-air mis­sions). The I‑Derby is qual­i­fied for use with JAS-39 Gripen used by the Czech Air Force.

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