Israel Won’t Purchase Boeing v‑22 Because of Budget Constraints

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JERUSALEM — The Israel Air Force will not be procur­ing Boeing’s V‑22 Osprey due to bud­getary issues, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

While the mil­i­tary believes there is an oper­a­tional need for between 12 and 14 air­craft that can take off and land like heli­copters but fly like fixed-wing planes, there are not enough funds to pro­cure the tilt-rotor air­craft.

The V‑22 is designed for sen­si­tive, exten­sive mis­sions during times of war and for rou­tine use.

The IAF is mod­ern­iz­ing its squadrons of aging fight­er jets and heli­copters and believes there needs to be a mix of heavy-lift heli­copters and the V‑22, a defense source told the Post last year.

As part of the new pro­cure­ments funded in large part by the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Jerusalem and Washington, which would see Israel receive $38 bil­lion in mil­i­tary assis­tance over the next decade, Israel has pur­chased two squadrons of F‑35 Adir stealth fight­ers and is cur­rent­ly decid­ing between Boeing’s Chinook or Lockheed Martin’s CH-53K heavy-lift heli­copters.

The IAF is also set to decide between pur­chas­ing a third squadron of F‑35 jets or Boeing’s latest F‑15I.

As part of the IDF’s new mul­ti­year plan, it will be clos­ing one squadron of fight­er jets in the coming year. It also aims to open anoth­er advanced IAF squadron of F‑15 or F‑35 fight­er jets. (end of excerpt)

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Source: Defense Aerospace

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