Industry Collaboration Seeks to Exploit Potential of Conductive Inks for Defence

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Nanomaterial developer AMD is teaming up with First Graphene in an MoU for conductive inks. (Photo: AMD)

Potential applications from an MoU between First Graphene and AMD include ultra-lightweight coatings for attenuated electromagnetic interference shielding.

First Graphene and Advanced Material Development (AMD) have sealed an MoU that the two companies hope will pave the way for the development of conductive inks with significant potential applications for defence.

Uses could include printable flexible antenna and sensors, plus graphene-based, ultra-lightweight coatings for attenuated electromagnetic interference shielding and radar mitigation, First Graphene and AMD announced on 18 June.

AMD specialises in designing and developing functional nanomaterials and hierarchical assembly of material systems, while First Graphene focuses on developing, manufacturing and supplying its PureGRAPH graphene material.

Both companies intend to evolve their MoU into a master supply agreement and licencing in the coming months.

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