In Remembrance of Those We Lost on Sep/11

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Like Dec. 7, 1941, today recalls a day that changed the course of his­to­ry. 
On Sept. 11, 2001, 19 years ago today, 2,977 people lost their lives during a vio­lent attack on the uni­ver­sal ideals of free­dom, democ­ra­cy, and our sov­er­eign ter­ri­to­ry. 
Today, as we carry on the eter­nal memory of those inno­cents who per­ished, we also acknowl­edge the toll the war on terror extracts from ser­vice mem­bers and their fam­i­lies.  To our Armed Forces – whether active duty, Reserve or National Guard, and their loved ones – our Nation and the Navy Reserve is grate­ful for your com­mit­ment, sac­ri­fice, and patri­o­tism.   For secur­ing peace and safety from those that threat­ened us after Sept. 11, and to bring them to jus­tice, there has never been a more fit­ting descrip­tion than “all gave some, and some gave all.” 
The Navy Reserve lead­er­ship team and I are par­tic­u­lar­ly grate­ful and proud of the many Reserve Sailors who also con­tributed in their civil­ian capac­i­ty – in public safety, emer­gency and other nation­al respons­es on 911.   It was truly a team effort.
Today, our Navy is prepar­ing for tomorrow’s threats, but this is a day to reflect on the sac­ri­fices of those who were impact­ed by the hor­rif­ic acts 19 years ago, includ­ing many who still wear the uni­form.
Take pride in your ser­vice and know that your con­tri­bu­tion to the most capa­ble, potent, and inte­grat­ed Reserve Force the world has ever known is appre­ci­at­ed.   I’m proud to serve with every one of you. US Pacific Fleet News source|articles

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