HMAS Toowoomba Begins Upgrade

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A fifth Anzac Class war­ship has entered BAE Systems Australia’s Henderson facil­i­ty as part of the fleet upgrade that will keep the ships in ser­vice until they are replaced by the Hunter Class frigates, Defence Connect reports.

HMAS Toowoomba joins sister ships, Warramunga and Perth, which are both cur­rent­ly in var­i­ous stages of the AMCAP upgrade process, HMAS Toowoomba will be the fifth of eight Anzac Class ves­sels to receive the AMCAP upgrade.

The Anzac Mid Life Capability Assurance Program (AMCAP) upgrade is being under­tak­en by the Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA) Alliance.

The upgrade includes:

  • Upgraded ven­ti­la­tion sys­tems;
  • New sew­er­age sys­tems;
  • Improvements to the diesel engines to improve power and effi­cien­cy;
  • Replacement of the air search radar capa­bil­i­ty with the Australian CEA L‑Band radar; and
  • Replacement of the full com­mu­ni­ca­tions suite on the ship.

BAE Systems Australia direc­tor mar­itime sus­tain­ment Ian McMillan said, “This project demon­strates the strong col­lab­o­ra­tion across the alliance. We are com­mit­ted to the suc­cess­ful deliv­ery of AMCAP and look for­ward to demon­strat­ing through the HMAS Toowoomba upgrade the out­stand­ing capa­bil­i­ty of the Henderson team and its abil­i­ty to sup­port the Royal Australian Navy to fight and win at sea.”

Toowoomba is a long-range frigate capa­ble of air defence, sur­face and under­sea war­fare, sur­veil­lance, recon­nais­sance and inter­dic­tion. Toowoomba’s combat capa­bil­i­ties have been sig­nif­i­cant­ly improved under the Anti-Ship Missile Defence upgrade pro­gram, a world-class pro­gram that pro­vides an enhanced sensor and weapons sys­tems capa­bil­i­ty.

The upgrade show­cas­es Australian design and inte­gra­tion capa­bil­i­ty, with new phased array radar tech­nol­o­gy designed by CEA Technologies in Canberra, upgrades to combat sys­tems per­formed by Saab Systems in South Australia, and plat­form inte­gra­tion design by BAE Systems in Victoria.

“As an Australian indus­try leader in mar­itime sus­tain­ment, BAE Systems Australia is look­ing for­ward to upgrad­ing HMAS Toowoomba with the advanced capa­bil­i­ty that the AMCAP pro­gram will deliv­er,” McMillan added.

Toowoomba is fitted with an advanced pack­age of air and sur­face sur­veil­lance radars, omni-direc­tion­al hull-mount­ed sonar and elec­tron­ic sup­port sys­tems that inter­face with the 9LV453 Mk3E combat data system. The ship can counter simul­ta­ne­ous threats from air­craft, sur­face ves­sels and sub­marines.

The ship can embark Navy’s latest multi-role Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin MH-60R Seahawk heli­copter, which has enhanced anti-sub­ma­rine, anti-sur­face war­fare, and search and rescue capa­bil­i­ties. Embarkation of a heli­copter also pro­vides the ship with the capa­bil­i­ty to deliv­er air-launched mis­siles and tor­pe­does.

HMAS Toowoomba is the second RAN ship to bear the name of Queensland’s inland city. HMAS Toowoomba (I) was one of 60 Bathurst Class minesweep­ing corvettes built in Australia during the Second World War as part of the Commonwealth government’s wartime ship­build­ing pro­gram.

Australian Naval Institute source|articles

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