First Polish Pilots Graduate on Aermacchi M‑346 Master

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(Source: Defence24; post­ed Dec. 04, 2019)

The Polish Air Force has announced that its first four pilot cadets have com­plet­ed their eight-month train­ing syl­labus on the Aermacchi M‑346 Master advanced jet train­er oper­at­ed by the Air Force Academy in Deblin. (Polish AF pho­to)

After eight months of train­ing, and many hours spent in the air and in sim­u­la­tors, cadets from the Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin work­ing with the 4th Training Aviation Wing have final­ly grad­u­at­ed from their course on the M346 Master/Bielik Advanced Jet Trainers.

Among the stu­dent pilots, fly­ing sev­er­al air­craft types dur­ing their 4th and 5th year at the Air Force Academy, a group of four was the first to fly the M‑346, accord­ing to spokes­woman Lt. Ewa Złotnicka.

Before they began fly­ing, they had to go through intense ground train­ing pro­gramme, to learn how to oper­ate the jet, and to learn about the sys­tems of the M‑346. Furthermore, the young pilots also had to get acquaint­ed with pro­ce­dures, com­mu­ni­ca­tions and with the air­field itself.

Simulator Training Centre at the 41st Training Aviation Base has also been an impor­tant ele­ment of the edu­ca­tion­al pro­gramme for the pilots. Thanks to the mod­ern M‑346 Master sim­u­la­tors the cadets were reg­u­lar­ly train­ing all of the pro­ce­dures. EPT (Emerency Procedure Trainer) sim­u­la­tor has also been very use­ful in the process of prepar­ing the cadets, allow­ing them to go through the emer­gency pro­ce­dures.

FMS (Full Mission Simulator) and FTD (Flight Training Device) sys­tems have been used by the cadets to get ready for fly­ing. The ETTS (Embedded Tactical Training System) solu­tion, on the oth­er hand, made it pos­si­ble to con­duct group train­ing in a sin­gle mis­sion with sim­u­lat­ed weapons and threats.

Involvement of the instruc­tors and efforts made to pre­pare and con­duct the train­ing did have a tan­gi­ble impact on the cadets’ abil­i­ty to fly the jets in VFR/IFR set­tings and in air-to-air and low-fly­ing sce­nar­ios.

The cadets will receive their offi­cer ranks on 6th December 2019. After report­ing at the units to which they were assigned they will be per­fect­ing their air­man­ship and thus they would be able to use their know-how and skills in every­day ser­vice, in the air and on the ground.


Source: Defense Aerospace

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