First 3 RAF Poseidon MPA Are Now at Their Lossiemouth Home Base in Scotland

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On October 13, ZP802 ‘City of Elgin’ was the first of the sub­ma­rine-hunt­ing air­craft to land at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland.

On October 14, ZP801 ‘Pride of Moray’ touched down on the resur­faced runway, with ZP803 ‘Terence Bulloch’ fol­low­ing less than two hours later as the third member of the fleet, having been flown direct­ly from the US on its deliv­ery flight.

The trio will be based in a £100-mil­lion strate­gic facil­i­ty designed and built by Boeing Defence UK and local con­struc­tion part­ner Robertson, and which was deliv­ered by DE&S to the RAF at the end of September.

Nine Poseidon have been ordered from Boeing, the first of which – ‘Pride of Moray’ –landed on British soil at Kinloss Airfield in February. Since then, crews from CXX Squadron have been secur­ing the seas around the UK on oper­a­tional mis­sions.

54 Squadron have also been train­ing new pilots and weapons sys­tems oper­a­tors on the plat­form, as 400 addi­tion­al mil­i­tary per­son­nel will be join­ing Team Lossie in Moray to fly and oper­ate the nine air­craft.

The next two RAF Poseidons have been paint­ed at Boeing’s Renton site in the US and are cur­rent­ly locat­ed at the P‑8 Installation and Checkout facil­i­ty in Tukwila, south of Seattle, where mis­sion sys­tems are installed, and fur­ther test­ing will take place before deliv­ery. All nine of the fleet, based on the Next-Generation 737, are expect­ed to be in the UK by the end of 2021.

About the UK’s Poseidon MRA1 MPA

The first two British Poseidon MPAs: Pride of Moray and City of Elgin
The first two British Poseidon MPAs: Pride of Moray and City of Elgin. Royal air force picture

Boeing’s P‑8A Poseidon is a multi-role mar­itime patrol air­craft, equipped with sen­sors and weapons sys­tems for anti-sub­ma­rine war­fare, as well as sur­veil­lance and search and rescue mis­sions. 

The P‑8A’s com­pre­hen­sive mis­sion system fea­tures an APY-10 radar with modes for high-res­o­lu­tion map­ping, an acoustic sensor system, includ­ing pas­sive and multi-static sonobuoys, elec­tro-optical/IR turret and elec­tron­ic sup­port mea­sures (ESM).  This equip­ment deliv­ers com­pre­hen­sive search and track­ing capa­bil­i­ty, while the aircraft’s weapons system includes tor­pe­does for engag­ing sub-sur­face tar­gets. 

Boeing deliv­ered the 100th P-8A air­craft in mid-May. This was the 94th mis­sion-capa­ble air­plane to enter the U.S. Navy fleet, with six addi­tion­al jets used as Engineering Manufacturing Development test air­craft. The 100th fully-oper­a­tional deliv­ery is sched­uled for later this year. Boeing has also deliv­ered 12 jets to the Royal Australian Air Force, two to the U.K.’s Royal Air Force and eight P‑8Is to the Indian Navy. Norway will begin receiv­ing their five P‑8As in 2022; both New Zealand and South Korea have signed agree­ments with the U.S. Navy to pur­chase four and six air­craft respec­tive­ly.

The BAE Systems Nimrod MRA.Mk 4 upgrade of exist­ing Nimrod MR.Mk 2 air­frames had been under­way for some years when it was axed under the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review.  The MR.Mk 2 was also with­drawn, leav­ing the UK with­out effec­tive long-range, fixed-wing mar­itime cover.  Project Seedcorn saw per­son­nel posted into mar­itime patrol units with allied air arms, main­tain­ing vital skills until the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review con­firmed the intend­ed pur­chase of nine Poseidons for the RAF.

With the P‑8 squadron num­bers chosen, the type will oper­ate from RAF Lossiemouth, where infra­struc­ture is being pre­pared for its arrival around 2020.  The air­craft will be equipped with US weapons, although British weapons may be inte­grat­ed in future. 

Poseidon MRA1 specifications

First Operation for RAF Poseidon tracking Russian Warship

RAF P-8A Poseidon and Typhoon overflys Vasily Bykov over the North Sea. RAF picture
  • Powerplant: two 27,000lb st (120kN) CFM International CFM56‑7 tur­bo­fan engines
  • Length: 129ft 6in (39.47m)
  • Height: 42ft 1¼in (12.83m)
  • Wingspan: 123ft 7¼in (37.64m)
  • Maximum take-off weight: 189,200lb (85,820kg)
  • Maximum speed: 490kt (907km/h)
  • Ferry range: 4,500 miles (7,242km)
  • Service ceil­ing: 41,000ft

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