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Euronaval-Online will be a new expe­ri­ence, a state­ment for the strong choic­es made by the GICAN, the SOGENA and the entire French Naval indus­try in order to main­tain this show at all costs, at the ser­vice of its part­ners and its cus­tomers. Europe, inno­va­tion, export and resilience will be at the heart of Euronaval-Online.”

Hervé Guillou, GICAN President

Hervé Guillou and I wanted to main­tain this show because we believe it is absolute­ly essen­tial for our indus­tries and for the eco­nom­ic recov­ery plan, at the French, European and global scale.

Hugues d’Argentré, EURONAVAL Managing Director

EURONAVAL-ONLINE, the digital double of EURONAVAL

For sev­er­al months now, the organ­is­ers had been antic­i­pat­ing that a cer­tain number of coun­tries would prob­a­bly not be able to send del­e­ga­tions and indus­tri­al­ists to visit the exhi­bi­tion this year because of the global health crisis. They there­fore ini­ti­at­ed, with their part­ner J2C Communication, the cre­ation of a dig­i­tal space to com­ple­ment the face-to-face exhi­bi­tion.

This dig­i­tal space was designed to enable exhibitors to present their prod­ucts and inno­va­tions on dig­i­tal stands. Up until the end of September, the evo­lu­tion of the pan­dem­ic and the imple­men­ta­tion of a strict san­i­tary pro­to­col, in coor­di­na­tion with State ser­vices and in par­tic­u­lar the Prefecture, made it pos­si­ble to envis­age hold­ing the trade show.

On Wednesday, September 23rd, gov­ern­ment deci­sions on the reduc­tion in capac­i­ty for exhi­bi­tions and the indis­putable obser­va­tion that the COVID-19 epi­dem­ic was on the rise again in the Paris region, made it impos­si­ble to hold a sat­is­fac­to­ry exhi­bi­tion for the 300 exhibitors as well as the 70 offi­cial for­eign del­e­ga­tions who had already expressed the wish to go to Paris-Le-Bourget. In this con­text, the choice was made to trans­form the exhi­bi­tion into an entire­ly dig­i­tal event using the plat­form devel­oped by J2C Communication. The 2020 edi­tion of EURONAVAL will there­fore be the dig­i­tal event: EURONAVAL-ONLINE.

Initially devel­oped for offi­cial del­e­ga­tions and vis­i­tors who could not come to Paris-Le-Bourget, EURONAVAL-ONLINE is now open to all vis­i­tors inter­est­ed in naval defence inno­va­tions. From 19th to 25th October, del­e­ga­tions and vis­i­tors from all over the world will be able to meet the EURONAVAL 2020 exhibitors at the EURONAVAL-ONLINE dig­i­tal exhi­bi­tion. They will be able to visit the stands, organ­ise their BtoB meet­ings by video, follow the speech­es of polit­i­cal and mil­i­tary per­son­al­i­ties and take part in work­shops, con­fer­ences and the­mat­ic round tables.


The EURONAVAL-ONLINE inter­face is as simple and intu­itive as pos­si­ble. Once logged in, vis­i­tors will be given an overview of the exhi­bi­tion, pre­sent­ing all the func­tions and giving access to the dif­fer­ent areas. They can nav­i­gate the site or search the pur­pose of their visit using the search engine. Visitors will also be able to access the “Live” sec­tion of the exhi­bi­tion and the full pro­gramme of offi­cial speech­es, con­fer­ences and work­shops that will take place through­out the week.

Exhibitors have only had a few weeks to famil­iarise them­selves with the tool and cus­tomise their dig­i­tal stands.

Visitors and offi­cial del­e­ga­tions who expressed the wish to par­tic­i­pate in the EURONAVAL-ONLINE exhi­bi­tion have received their secure access. They will be able to visit the exhi­bi­tion from Monday 19th October. With EURONAVAL-ONLINE, infor­ma­tion will always be just a few clicks away.

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