DroneDeploy’s Summer Release Moves Drone Mapping Closer to a One Button Process

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DroneDeploy’s summer release has built out the mission control center. “Real-time response and analytics, paired with airspace authorization and increased flight functionality, make this an end-to-end mission control solution for any operation,” says DroneDeploy.

“With DroneDeploy’s Missions, I can capture a map, pano, video, and progress photos in one flight, spending 40% less time on-site. I can now fly one extra site a day in the same amount of time using the same battery life,” says ​Matt Czuzak, Senior Virtual Construction Manager, Core Construction

LAANC Authorization in Partnership with Airbus UTM

LAANC authorization – the low altitude authorization and notification capability – has been key in improving operations for drone pilots everywhere.  An integration with Airbus UTM brings that capability to DroneDeploy users.

Skydio 2 Integration

DroneDeploy is now fully integrated with the Skydio 2 drone. “This integration enables pilots to confidently avoid obstacles like cranes or oil wells while flying at low elevation,” says DroneDeploy.  “The advanced obstacle avoidance features on Skydio 2 paired with the DroneDeploy flight app have enabled our teams to explore new types of drone missions that we were previously unable to execute safely, such as indoor and confined space inspections, and automated flight on sites with active tower cranes,” says Hunter Cole, Innovation & Operational Technology, Brasfield & Gorrie

Source: DroneLife

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