Deterring by Denial in Asia

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Melanie, Chris, and Zack debate Michèle Flournoy’s recent Foreign Affairs arti­cle about how to pre­vent war in Asia by rein­forc­ing deter­rence against China. They dis­cuss the impor­tance of senior Democrats plac­ing renewed empha­sis on Asia, and ask what this might mean in light of the likely down­ward pres­sure on the defense budget. Chris asks whether the strat­e­gy is too reliant on U.S. power pro­jec­tion rather than allied anti-access/area denial capa­bil­i­ties. Melanie ques­tions why the United States hasn’t adjust­ed more quick­ly to focus on Asia. And Zack notes that some U.S. allies are making impor­tant defense strat­e­gy shifts, par­tial­ly prompt­ed by fears of U.S. dis­en­gage­ment.


Photo by Sgt. Dominic Clay

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