DC Circuit Hears Growth Energy’s Challenge to EPA’s 2019 Biofuel Mandate, Small Refinery Waivers

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Fermentation Frontiers, yeast-enzymes-in-one.

This week, the fron­tiers of fer­men­ta­tion. Today, we’re joined by Angus Ballard, pres­i­dent of Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits as we explore a break­through in one-step yeast and enzymes. Fermentation king Joel Stone of the Due Diligence Wolfpack joins to inde­pen­dent­ly assess the indus­try impact of this advance. Stream it here on-demand.

Hydrothermal Liquefaction for BioCrude.

Today, biocrude. Today my spe­cial guest is Ib Johannsen CEO of Bio2Oil — and we’re going to drop into the world of hydrother­mal liq­ue­fac­tion and the oppor­tu­ni­ties in biocrude. And Steve Csonka of CAAFI joined in the light­ning round.Stream it here on-demand.

ESG Project and Technology Financing.

In this episode, ESG financ­ing. There’s 11.6 tril­lion in ESG finance. What can be done to ensure you get your share? We’re joined by Cindy Thyfault and Gerard Ostheimer of Global Biofuture Solutions as we explored the tools, the must-dos, the must knows.

Biofuels Mandates Around the World

We vis­it­ed biobased man­dates around the world. Where are the mar­kets you can count on, how much can you count on? 65 coun­tries in all, We’ll be focus­ing espe­cial­ly on new infor­ma­tion out of the Americas, Asia and the EU.

The Pyromaniax and Advances in Pyrolysis

In this episode we looked at The Pyromaniax and pyrol­y­sis. We looked at 8 Top Pathways, 8 Hot Projects and 5 New Entrants, and Anellotech CEO David Sudolsky joined us for a deep dive in that excit­ing com­pa­ny story.

California, Here I Come

—In all, there’s more than 4 bil­lion gal­lons of advanced bio­fu­els capac­i­ty oper­at­ing, under con­struc­tion or planned, for the California market. What’s going on? To answer that ques­tion. we were joined by Dave Rubenstein the CEO of California Ethanol & Power, an advanced bio­fu­els project based on sug­ar­cane in the Imperial Valley, and Mark Riedy, the dean of renew­able energy project finance and a part­ner at Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton.

What's the King Tech?

 — Today we’re off in search of King Tech, which is to say, what tech­nol­o­gy or set of tech­nolo­gies is the per­fect fit. We’re look­ing at a very spe­cial patch of ground near Ames in the great state of Iowa, It’s a great place to build stuff — more than 60 bioe­con­o­my plants around the state To answer that ques­tion today we have the Due Diligence Wolfpack, fangs out, thirsty for value. They are the experts you’d hire to answer these very ques­tions, but today we get to see how they think, how they fit tech­nolo­gies and feed­stocks and infra­struc­tuire in a fea­si­ble way. The Wolves are: Ron Cascone, David Dodds, James Iademarco, Michele Rubico, Joel Stone and Steve Weiss..

Algae, Cellulosic Ethanol

 — Today we’re joined by Clariant’s Paolo Corvo with some great brand new video and updates on the Clariant first com­mer­cial cel­lu­losic ethanol project in Romania, and the new licensee project in Bulgaria. And we’re joined by AlgEternal CEO David Ramjohn on how algae tech­nol­o­gy fits into a cir­cu­lar bioe­con­o­my..

Renewable Diesel.

Looking at 11 tech­nolo­gies, 21 projects and 13 emerg­ing projects, plus market dri­vers and eco­nom­ics; with Emerging Markets CEO Will Thurmond and Digest editor Jim Lane .

A Special Webinar: Opportunities in renewable fuels and chemicals at the Port of Rotterdam. In this spe­cial DIGEST WEBINAR, we look at the Port of Rotterdam for project oppor­tu­ni­ties in the advanced bioe­con­o­my. We were joined by Stijn Effting, the Port’s busi­ness man­ag­er for renew­able fuels and chem­i­cals.

Methanol, the new crude?

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