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Safeguarding Data and Mitigating Risk through Comprehensive Data Governance Frameworks

Data has become ubiquitous. It surrounds us in every step of our daily lives and permeates what were once mundane, uninteresting tasks.

Whether in the private or the public sectors – data has changed how we engage, how we work, and how we think. Leveraging that data, harnessing it and putting it to work for the benefit of all is a key component to solving the myriad challenges facing our states, localities and our country. But gathering, collating, and leveraging that data does come at a cost. With increasingly profound and far-reaching cyber threats – governing your data continues to become more difficult, necessitating new and innovative approaches to ensure not only sound data governance, but through protection as well. Mitigating, managing – and where necessary – facing those risks head-on can allow your data governance program to thrive.

Public Sector Network’s Data Governance & Protection virtual event will look to provide greater insights and accessible information that can help to reframe the challenges we face in information management and the adherence to legal & regulatory requirements. By gathering data management leaders, data experts, and cybersecurity thought-leaders, we hope to help you build a framework that supports an excellent data governance & protection program.

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