Cooking by the Book

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Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis.

On today’s show:

· Jake Worth, General Manager at Bar Ivy, joins us. Opening this month in Arlington,
Bar Ivy comes from the D.C.-based Blagden Hospitality Group, owner of Tiger Fork, urban backyard Calico, neighborhood tavern Fainting Goat, and many more you know;

· Clementine Thomas and Sam Vasfi, co-owners, Bold Fork Books. Located in Mount Pleasant, Bold Fork
Books is D.C.’s only culinary bookshop, featuring new and vintage cookbooks and elevated kitchenware;

· Laura Kumin has authored a fascinating, new book, “All Stirred Up: Suffrage Cookbooks, Food and the
Battle for Women’s Right to Vote.” The media and history focused on the loud women, those who marched, picketed the White House and even some who went to jail. This book focuses on the forgotten suffragists, those who battled quietly, but just as effectively, with a cookbook or a slice of cake. How’d they do it? Keep listening!
· Another fascinating read is Kate Lebo’s “Book of Difficult Fruit.” In it, she asks and answers the
question: What is a difficult fruit? Of the 26 fruits featured, some are invasive, poisonous, sour, or even explosive. They are also sweet, medicinal, or even make a great pie. Her conclusion is that difficult fruit can nurture as much as it can harm. Through these fruits, Lebo sheds light on the gray areas in life and especially explores the connection between food and medicine. She asks what we can learn from the history of plant-based medicine, examines modern medicine, and explores how we care for one another.

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