Brazil to Cut Carbon Credit Goals for Fuel Distributors

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In Brazil, Argus Media reports that Brazil’s hydrocarbons regulator ANP will reduce individual carbon credit targets for fuel distribution companies for 2020, after it halved the industry’s over­all pre-pan­dem­ic target as a result of the eco­nom­ic slow­down.

“Brazil’s energy policy coun­cil CNPE slashed the over­all 2020 target for the sale of Cbios – finan­cial instru­ments traded on the B3 exchange that are issued to bio­fu­el pro­duc­ers as carbon cred­its – to 14.53mn cred­its from the pre­vi­ous 28.7mn,” accord­ing to Argus Media. “The ANP said its next task is to adjust the indi­vid­ual Cbio tar­gets for fuel dis­trib­u­tors, which are required to pur­chase the cred­its from bio­fu­el pro­duc­ers to offset the green­house gas emis­sions of their fossil fuel sales in the pre­vi­ous cal­en­dar year.

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