Belarus Pipeline Linking Russia Oil Field to Europe Resumes Operations

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Russia’s Transneft pipeline, a monopolistic energy supply company, reported on Thuesday (Nov. 18) that repair work on a section of the Druzhba oil pipeline was completed, and oil pumping was set to resume in the evening of the same day as reported by the RIA news agency.

On Tuesday (Nov. 16), Belarus announced unscheduled repairs on one of the Friendship pipeline’s sections transporting oil from Rushia to some European union member states throughout the country, an activity they insisted would require three days to complete.

The announcement came just a few days after the county’s president threatened to cut off the gas supply to the EU via one of the main pipelines passing through the country, raising fears of a potential follow-up over the past threat.

Gomeltransneft Druzhba, the Belarus pipeline operator, reportedly started working on the pipeline on the evening of Tuesday, with supplies to European countries set to drop during the repair exercise.

Even though the operations resulted in a drop in fuel supplies to Europe (Poland, Hungary, Czechia, and Germany), an official says the drop won’t affect the monthly supply.

The tension between Belarus and the European Union reached its peak last week following a massive number of migrants stranded at the Polish border.

Due to the long-standing migrant crisis, the west accused Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko of weaponizing migrants to further their political agenda by pilling pressure on Poland and EU block at large.

Based on an official statement, European Union accused Minsk of putting on the flights from troubled nations such as Syria and Iraq while encouraging them to cross the border as a punishment to Poland for sheltering his fiercest opponents and the EU sanctions.

However, Belarus has denied the claims of piling pressure on the EU. On Wednesday, the formerly overcrowded camp began emptying slowly as the migrants were seen taken off the border in buses, said the Polish deputy interior minister.

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