Air India Express Crashes at Airport in Calicut-India

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Officials stated an Air India Express Boeing 737 – 800 NG flight IX-1344 en route from Dubai crashed at Calicut air­port at 14:30 GMT in the south­ern state of Kerala with 16 fatal­i­ties includ­ing pilot and co-pilot.

Air India Express Crashes At Airport In Calicut-India

The offi­cial flight roster report­ed 174 pas­sen­gers, 10 infants, 2 pilots, 4 cabin crew onboard the air­craft. The flight’s four crew mem­bers were con­firmed safe.

Air India report­ed the flight was one of the repa­tri­a­tion oper­a­tions by the Indian Government to return Indian nation­als strand­ed in Dubai due to Covid-19 crisis-induced inter­na­tion­al flight restric­tions.

Incident Information

Flight track­ing data report­ed the air­craft ini­ti­at­ed go-around sev­er­al times due to inclement weath­er and attempt­ed final approach twice. At the time of air­craft descent, heavy rain and thun­der­storms obscured approach and land­ing on the runway. Calicut in south­ern India is cur­rent­ly expe­ri­enc­ing usual, sea­son­al heavy mon­soon down­pours.

Air India Express Crashes At Airport In Calicut-India

Calicut International Airport

Kozhikode Calicut International Airport has a table­top runway, with a steep drop around the runway, and gen­er­al­ly only expe­ri­enced pilots and are sched­uled for the route.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) stated the Boeing 737 over­shot the runway thresh­old, skid­ded, and dived 35 feet (10.6 meters) into a valley. No fire was report­ed after the crash, allow­ing res­cuers to search for sur­vivors through the wreck­age. On evac­u­a­tion, at least 89 pas­sen­gers, 46 with seri­ous injuries were rushed to nearby hos­pi­tals. Ambulances were on stand­by to attend to the injured. The last pas­sen­ger was saved from the wreck­age at 17:40 GMT.

India’s Aircraft Accident Bureau (AAIB) has launched a formal inves­ti­ga­tion into the crash.

India’s Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi expressed his sym­pa­thy and con­do­lences for “those who lost their loved ones” in this tragic inci­dent.

Air India Express is a sub­sidiary of Air India and oper­ates 25 Boeing 737 – 800 NG air­craft.

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Air India Express Crashes At Airport In Calicut-India

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