65 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Eastern Afghanistan

 In Afghanistan, Middle East

Afghan secu­ri­ty forces have killed 65 Taliban mil­i­tants during an intense battle in east­ern Afghanistan, offi­cials said Thursday, as fight­ing rages between the two sides despite ongo­ing peace talks.

The latest blood­shed came late Wednesday after the Taliban stormed a mil­i­tary head­quar­ters build­ing in the Wazi Khwa dis­trict of Paktika province.

“The fight­ing lasted sev­er­al hours and in a retal­ia­to­ry attack by the Afghan forces, the Taliban suf­fered heavy casu­al­ties,” Paktika police spokesman Shah Mohammad Arian told AFP.

“In the clash, 65 Taliban fight­ers were killed and 35 others were wound­ed. Unfortunately, three police forces were mar­tyred and six others wound­ed.”

Bakhtiar Gul Zadran, the head of Paktika provin­cial coun­cil, con­firmed the infor­ma­tion.

The Taliban did not imme­di­ate­ly com­ment.

The vio­lence came a day after the Taliban said they had killed 28 Afghan paramilitary policemen in Uruzgan in south­ern Afghanistan.

The vio­lence comes as Taliban and Afghan gov­ern­ment nego­tia­tors are meet­ing in Doha, where they are trying to find a way to end 19 years of war.

A hope­ful start to the peace talks September 12 was imme­di­ate­ly marred by fresh vio­lence across Afghanistan.

Negotiations are moving slowly, with the two sides trying to thrash out var­i­ous para­me­ters before decid­ing an agenda.

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